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Dennis Conatser —
Switzerland expert

Dennis Conatser in Morocco

One of my most cherished travel memories was reflecting upon the beauty of humanity and multi-cultural connection during my private excursion through Morocco. An Italian lady, an American lad and our Berber guide communicating in Spanish, a language not native to any of us. Laughing and singing as we drove through gorges in the 4×4, bonding as we admired the desert sunsets, getting lost in the maze that is the medina of Fez, gazing up at the star-filled Saharan night sky, and being invited for tea in the cave dwelling of a lovely bedouin family reassured me that we really do live in a wonderful world full of graceful people.

Areas of expertise:
Tour Guiding & Adventure, Photography, Christmas Markets & Alpine Festivals

Places I know well:
Suisse Romande, Ticino, Zurich & the North


English, Spanish, French

Three words about me

Enthusiastic, creative, empathetic

personalized assistance


To me being successful means being a genuine, good-hearted, kind and open-minded person

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