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Where emperors reigned
and dragons roamed

In China, red lanterns symbolize warmth, happiness, and good fortune.

The Great Wall and giant pandas, the imperial past and technological future: even if you haven’t been there (yet), China is already in your head, and maybe also your heart. With so many centuries of history and even more miles of landscape on offer, exploring China can be a challenge. Except with Cosa. Whether you’re in Beijing or Hong Kong, we make it as easy as ordering your favourite Chinese meal, although by the end of your trip, you’ll have a few of those.

Man writes Chinese characters
where it is

Where it is

East Asia

When to go

When to go

Spring or autumn

Why go there

Why go there

Imperial history
Dramatic landscapes
Great food

what to see

What to see

Terracotta Army

Travelling to the Great Wall in China

A big city and a Great Wall

Travelling to the Great Wall in China

Beijing is packed with people and must-see sights but with Cosa, the Forbidden City isn’t off-limits and the Great Wall is manageable.

Enjoy a leisurely Li RIver boat ride

A leisure-Li River boat trip

Enjoy a leisurely Li RIver boat ride

The limestone scenery around Guilin is breathtakingly dramatic and the best way to see it is on a leisurely boat along the Li River.

Terracotta army in Beijing

An ancient army in Xian

Terracotta army in Beijing

Row upon row of soldiers buried to honour a long-dead emperor and yet somehow looking so lifelike. That’s the wonder of the Terracotta Army.

A boat in Victoria Harbour with Hongkong Skyline in the back.

A fragrant former colony

A boat in Victoria Harbour with Hongkong Skyline in the back.

Hong Kong literally means ‘fragrant harbour’ and the former British colony still attracts visitors with its atmospheric smells, sights and sounds.

Steaming dumplings at a market in China.

Travel in China

Steaming dumplings at a market in China.

China is big so can be a daunting place to visit, both in terms of actual size and how much there is to see. With Cosa, you can enjoy the best and have time to rest. We already know what to see and where to go, so trust us to take you there. From eating divine dumplings to admiring Shanghai’s skyline, or simply floating down the Li River, life is never dull with Cosa. So let us create your perfect Chinese holiday.

China facts

There are so many fun facts about China, it’s hard to know what to pick. Perhaps, that it’s the world’s most populous country (1.4 billion inhabitants) and the third largest in area. Or that it’s home to Mt Everest and borders on 14 other countries. Maybe it’s enough to know that the whole country has only one time zone. That’s one result of being a Communist state, the People’s Republic of China, that is governed from the capital in Beijing.

How to know the time zone

Time zone

UTC +8

Check the flight time

Flight time

11 hours from Switzerland

local currency

Local currency

Chinese yuan

Dial code by country

Dialing Code