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A bed placed outdoors offers a serene setting with a captivating view of Lake Wallensee. Switzerland

First things first: we know Switzerland, inside out and top to bottom. That shouldn’t be a surprise (we are Swiss after all!) but it’s always interesting to notice how many people don’t actually know what’s on their doorstep. You won’t have that problem with us. But we don’t want to overwhelm you with our in-depth knowledge and limitless passion for all things Swiss, so let’s start with introducing you to the regions of Switzerland. Each one is packed with wonderful sights and unique experiences just waiting for you. 

Spectacular view from the train en route to Interlaken, Switzerland

Where the cows speak French

Sunny day at Lake Geneva by "The Fork of Vevey," a modern installation art piece, against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps on a clear and bright autumn day.
© Maude Rion

Suisse Romande

Much of life in western Switzerland revolves around the croissant shape of Lake Geneva, with its historic towns, elegant ships and famous residents. This French-speaking region, known as Suisse Romande, is the home of two Swiss passions: watches and wines, so take the time to enjoy both.

Suisse Romande

A capital region for exploring

Bern, Switzerland, winter charm along the Aare River, with the picturesque Alps as a backdrop
© Switzerland Tourism / Jan Geerk

Bern & the Oberland

The atmospheric old town of the Swiss capital sits in a giant loop of the River Aare with the peaks of the Bernese Oberland dominating the horizon. Swap town for country for alpine hikes in the shadow of the Eiger and scenic train rides, including up to lofty Jungfraujoch.
Bern & the Oberland

The heart of the nation

Statue of Wilhelm Tell, the folk hero of Switzerland at the Rathausplatz of Altdorf, Switzerland.

Lake Lucerne region

From the urban delight of Lucerne to the rural idyll of cow-dotted fields and the mighty Gotthard massif, the landscape of central Switzerland is picture perfect. Beyond the scenery of Lake Lucerne, you can discover spectacular train rides and a dramatic helping of Swiss history.
Lake Lucerne region

Urban life made easy

Stand-up paddleboarding on the scenic Schanzengraben, capturing the adventurous spirit of water enthusiasts
© Christian Meixner Fotografie

Zurich & the north

Zurich might be Switzerland’s metropolis but it’s also compact and pleasant. With cobbled streets in the old town and swish shops along Bahnhofstrasse, the city centre is a delight. And it’s the starting point for exploring the north, from the mighty Rhine Falls to the museums of Basel.

Zurich & the north

Where Swiss traditions live on

Folk costume of a Man from Appenzell Innerrhoden, traditional costume of The Swiss Shepards.
© appenzell.ch

Eastern Switzerland

You’ve probably never heard of a Hackbrett, let alone heard one being played. That isn’t too surprising given that it’s a musical instrument from Appenzell in eastern Switzerland. Life here is as Swiss as Swiss can be, so why not experience these rich traditions and festivals yourself?

Eastern Switzerland

Get high on fresh air

Capricorn surrounded by a alpine scenery in the mountainous region of Graubünden, Switzerland.
© Switzerland Tourism/Mattias Nutt

Graubünden Alps

The stunning mountainous landscapes of the eastern Alps dominate the canton of Graubünden, which is both the largest and emptiest in Switzerland. Glamorous resorts like St Moritz vie for your attention with scenic hikes, rustic villages and amazing train rides.

Graubünden Alps

More than the Matterhorn

A winding trail leading towards the iconic Matterhorn mountain, with a mountain lake in the foreground and a backdrop of alpine scenery under a bright blue sky.

Valais Alps

Don’t tell everyone but the best place to see the majestic Matterhorn isn’t in Zermatt itself. Luckily, we know where you’ll get the perfect shot of this iconic peak. But there’s more to the Valais Alps than just one mountain so have your camera ready for the majestic Aletsch Glacier.

Valais Alps

La Dolce Vita Swiss style

Young woman floating in refreshing lake in Switzerland, Ticino.
© Switzerland Tourism / Silvano Zeiter


South of the Alps is Ticino, the Italian-speaking canton where life is more relaxed. With its elegant towns and glittering lakes, this region will soon have you enjoying languid lunches, exploring hidden valleys, admiring great architecture and relishing Switzerland’s sunniest climate.


Essential facts

Switzerland sits at the heart of Europe, surrounded on all sides by the European Union (but it is not itself a member). The country is made up of 26 cantons, or mini-states – each with their own traditions, but with a federal government and parliament in Bern. Around nine million people (and 1.6 million cows) call Switzerland home and there are four national languages. It has a Latin official name, Confoederatio Helvetica, that is shortened to CH.

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