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Living la Dolce Vita

A Cosa event on the Amalfi Coast

Handmade Gnocchi cooking class in Amalfi
Lea Waser

Welcome to the sweet life. La Dolce Vita is more than a promise, it’s a lifestyle. A group of top car sales representatives and their partners enjoyed an unforgettable five days on the Amalfi Coast. The incentive trip captivated our clients, not only with the beautiful landscape but also the diverse programme. When putting this trip together, the Cosa events team focused on satisfying both the desires of car lovers and the spirit of la Dolce Vita – with success!

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When to go

Travel period

September 2021

Trip duration

Five days

Group size

50 people

Cathedral of St. Andrea in Amalfi
Lea Waser

“It was not only great, it was really perfect. Rarely, no never, have I experienced such service as during this trip.” 

Tobias, Marketing Director

Turning heads in vintage style

Classic cars in the parking place

Classic cars

A drive along the picturesque Amalfi Coast is a must. For the car enthusiasts, we spiced things up with Italian classics from the 1960s.

Heavy traffic jams on the Amalfi coast road

Road trip

When was the last time you saw 25 vintage cars in a convoy of vehicles? Judging by the looks of people on the streets, certainly not often!

A lady driving a classic red car in Amalfi

Great fun

Stunned faces and people waving accompanied the cars along the whole route. And of course, we waved back.

Group activities for every taste

  • Gnocchi cooking class in Amalfi

    Cooking class

    Another highlight, and something that can only be done in a group, is a private cooking class at one of our hand-picked agriturismos.

  • Pizza cooking class in Amalfi

    Homemade pizza

    Everyone tied on an apron and helped prepare heavenly dishes such as homemade parmigiana, pizza, gnocchi alla Sorrentina and tiramisu.

  • Italian trio singing with guitars

    Traditional music

    The experience was topped off with traditional musical entertainment that led to a night of eating, chatting and even singing.

  • Visit the ruins of Pompeii in Amalfi

    Hot in the city

    Balance is key to any programme. While the centuries-old ruins of Pompeii are worth a trip, it can get rather hot in the ancient city.

  • Grapes in wineyard in Amalfi

    Cooling down

    What’s the best way to follow that? Cooling down in a winery close by! In fact, right at the foot of mighty Mount Vesuvius.

  • Italian dining with champagnes in Amalfi

    Food & wine

    A family-run winery treated the group to some local dishes paired with just the right wines, cool breeze included. Salute!

  • Beautiful Amalfi coast town you must see

    Capri time

    The island of Capri with its charming narrow streets and dramatic coastline is a jewel and should not be missed. So we went, of course.

  • Taking a ferry in Amalfi coast

    Private boat

    For this group, we made the crossing a highlight: in a private boat. The tour around the island offered fascinating views of the rock formations.

  • Drinking champagne in Amalfi

    Relax and enjoy

    The guides gave some local insights, and we made sure that our guests were provided with snacks and refreshments.

The dazzling Amalfi Coast

Landscape in Amalfi coast
Lea Waser

This insanely beautiful part of Italy is particularly well suited for group travel, allowing for a leisurely yet exciting time. From the tranquil villages and authentic agriturismos to the nearby islands, and the coast itself, everything is waiting to be explored. Some things are just better when enjoyed as a group! Our pro tip? You might want to pack some bigger clothes to wear after all the delicious food and wine. We speak from experience.

Living la Dolce Vita