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Big hearts build little homes

Corporate Social Responsibility in Germany

Group constructing a portable cabin for event in Berlin

The challenge: to build three mini-houses in five hours with a team of around 140 volunteers. The reason: the Little Home project in Berlin, which helps house homeless people. The mission: our desire to give back to the community as part of our events programme. The outcome: we did it!

Berlin Man with painted blue hand

When a homeless woman was sent away from Cologne station late at night, one man decided to take action. Shortly after, the first “Little Home” on wheels was built. Thanks to the mobility of these tiny houses, it’s possible to obtain special permits. The founder’s vision was to provide shelter for the homeless and help them to find a way back to a normal life: the Little Home project was born.

Teamwork and hard work

Berlin carpentry during event

A great team

We divided into teams and started construction. Our helpers were motivated but not everyone was familiar with the tools. It was a real pleasure to see the teams work together with one aim: to achieve our goal. And to watch those who were initially anxious become increasingly confident using a jig saw or nail gun.

Berlin painting

A new home

Palettes for the floor, sturdy walls, a window, a roof and a door that can be locked. Each Little Home slowly came together thanks to everybody being ready to get their hands dirty with sawing, screwing, hammering or painting. By the end of the day there were lots of dirty shoes, colourful hands, happy faces – and completed homes.

Berlin Final CSR Event

A better future

Little Homes are not just a shelter. They give their occupants peace and security, and a chance to change their lives by breaking free from homelessness. It is only a temporary solution to encourage the homeless to get off the street but they must follow a few simple rules, such as no drugs or excessive alcohol use and no guests.

Are you interested too?

Berlin team work during event

Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR) isn’t only about giving back. For us at Cosa, it is a matter of the heart. Are you interested in integrating a CSR project into your event? Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more.

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