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Giving back with Cosa

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kid probing in nursery group activity Madrid

Travel brings rewards in so many ways. It’s not just about exploring new places and experiencing new things, but also about giving back to local communities. At Cosa, we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (or CSR for short) can be an integral part of our events and incentive trips. That’s why we’ve developed an exciting CSR portfolio, one that we are always looking to expand. Here’s what giving back with Cosa really means:

Giving back in practice

What does incorporating CSR within Cosa events actually mean in the real world? We focus on carefully selected hands-on projects that match our vision, then find the right partners for us (and for you), and finalise the details for a rewarding day. Every project we take part in must have a lasting impact, be that environmental and/or social.

South Africa volunteers painting for an event

A school with a future

Our first-ever CSR project was helping to create a new future for a primary school in Langa township near Cape Town. With 140 volunteers, we built a new multi-purpose playground and drought-resistant kitchen gardens. Now the kids could work, eat and play in safety.

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Man looking out of portable cabin windown in Berlin

Big hearts build little homes

The Little Home project in Berlin helps house homeless people – and we helped them by building three new mini-houses. The challenge was do it in five hours with a team of around 140 willing helpers as part of our CSR programme to give back to the community. And we did it!

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Madrid men putting up shade for an event

Helping a refuge in the city

Providing a safe environment for her child is a mother’s highest priority, but it’s hard if you’re a single mum. One refuge in Madrid provides help and security, giving both mothers and kids hope for the future. We took a team of CSR volunteers along to support them.

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Would you like to give back?

Group painting blue on wood preparing for event in Berlin

Sustainability and philanthropy are a core part of our work. If you’d like to help us help others, we’re here to support you completely. From the first consultation, we offer a full service to find the most suitable projects with the right partners. We love it if we can integrate CSR projects into our clients’ incentive trips and events. Are you interested in giving back?

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