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Melissa Blaschi —
Event creator

Melissa Blaschi at a race track
Melissa-Blaschi in fron of a well-known site

After experiencing many different events in the automotive and motorsports industry, I decided to dive into the travel sector by joining Cosa Travel. The greatest reward for me is always to see the faces of satisfied participants. The goal? To create a unique experience and lifelong memory. In my private life, I can often be found in delicatessen stores, at markets and, last but not least, in the kitchen. I got my passion for food from my grandparents and their Italian and Portuguese roots.

Areas of expertise:
Motorsport Events, Private Events, Creativity

Places I know well:
Portugal, Italy, USA


German, English, French, Italian

Three words about me

Caring, foodie, passionate

personalized assistance


"Travel is an investment in yourself." - Matthew Karsten

exclusive access

Insider tip

Ask the hotel receptionists where they'd go with their friends & family.