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Meet the team

Cosa isn’t a thing, it’s a family. And like any family, we are made up of people, each with their own personalities but who work better as a team. Together, we are travel designers, booking specialists, event creators and Switzerland experts. But who are we? Time to meet the Cosa family.

Travel designers

Enzo D. Marraffino Travel designer

My top travel moment: boat tour of the Amalfi Coast and a swim in a private lagoon accompanied by an inflatable lobster.

Marianne von Arx seated with lake view

Marianne von Arx Corporate travel designer

I felt a moment of happiness when a penguin walked over my shoes in Antarctica.

Alexandra Durrer on Bench

Alexandra Durrer Travel designer

The thunder of Victoria Falls, the playful hippos in the Zambezi River and breathtaking sunsets live in my memory.

Beatrice Winkler Corporate travel designer

Snorkelling in the Maldives and spotting manta rays & turtles – unforgettable

Megan Fischer Rwanda Canopy Walk

Megan Fischer Travel designer

Earning the respect of a wild silverback gorilla in Rwanda was like being knighted by the Queen of England herself.

Livia Canonica in desert

Livia Acar Travel designer

Floating through the morning sky in a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Nadia Angelucci Travel designer

Wildlife spotting by Lake Manyara in Tanzania, with the sunset painting the lake purple and the Milky Way shining so bright.

Korine Weideli sits by the sea and smiles

Korine Weideli Corporate travel designer

The humbling feeling when driving through Etosha National Park in Namibia. A guest in the animal kingdom.

Meerkats on the lookout

Join our team

Currently, we’re not hiring, but we’re always on the lookout for passionate and skilled individuals. If you’re bursting with enthusiasm, feel free to send us a copy of your CV to career@cosatravel.ch. We’ll keep your details on file for future opportunities.

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