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Simon Kessler —
Head of the Swiss team

Simon Kessler in Corsica
Simon Kessler in Luzern

I want to see the world in all its colours. My travels have broadened my horizons and I always look forward to my next discovery. And at Cosa, I’m surrounded by a team full of passionate experts who help me plan it. Plus, my workplace is in beautiful Switzerland! Here, the bike ride after work, the jump into the lake during lunch break or the ski weekend in the mountains feels like a holiday even when I am not on vacation.

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"When you lose the way, you learn it". — (African proverb)


Bucket list

Japan, South Africa, Ghana, Bhutan

Cosa Pictogram Event

Favourite destinations

Switzerland, Oman, Croatia, Norway, Greece

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Insider tip

Think positive! The majority of people are more than okay and are always happy to help.